What is a Landscape Concept Plan?

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What is a landscape concept? Landscape is the arrangement of existing surfaces and the relationship between such arrangements and the site conditions. The word landscape originally came from French, “land” or “gardien”, which meant, ‘back garden’. Landscape architecture is an independently existing profession and an art and craft, practiced by landscape architects, merging nature and culture in landscape designs. In modern professional practice, landscape architecture blends the art of garden designing with landscape architecture.

A landscaping idea is basically a collection of landscape concepts designed to meet the specific needs and goals of the client. These concepts are usually based on the location and existing condition of the land and the available building and living styles of the client. The client decides the layout, the types of plants, trees and shrubs, etc., according to his preferences. He may also want to incorporate some particular features of historic buildings. A landscape idea plan helps in coordinating the different landscape features to create an attractive surroundings.

The landscape idea plan lays down the general layout, the materials and structure to be used, the positioning of structures, etc., and finally the details of each landscape feature, like walkways, steps, water features, etc. This plan proves very handy while executing the project. The first step of developing any landscaping idea is to sketch the design in landscape architect’s style. Different styles of sketches can be made by utilizing software like Photoshop.

A landscape idea is not only important for construction purposes but also for maintaining the beauty of the surroundings. The landscape should reflect the way a person would like to live in that area. A well-designed landscaping design reflects the culture and lifestyle of its owner. All the landscape concepts are designed keeping the surrounding environment and the climatic changes in mind. A landscape idea helps in deciding the main character of the landscape and the kind of maintenance required.

Landscaping ideas are generally categorized into three basic categories: the primary landscape, the secondary landscape and the decorative landscape. Each category has subcategories as well. The primary landscape is usually the one which is seen during the initial visit of a property. The primary landscape is usually the one which is built first. On the other hand, the secondary landscape is generally the one which follows the primary landscape concept.

The final landscape idea refers to the overall appearance of the landscape designed by the landscaping designer. It often includes the size of the property, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, pool areas, parking areas, stairs, paths, driveways, landscaping plants, trees, building lights and other landscape accessories. What is a landscape concept plan? This is one question that every home buyer should ask before buying a new house.