How Cold Is Too Cold For Plants To Be Out?

Landscaping tips

It is cold outside, and you ask yourself, “How cold is too cold for my flowers?” You have your garden to protect from Mother Nature, but how cold is too cold for your flowers? Well the short answer is, any temperature between freezing and -40 degrees Fahrenheit is just fine for your landscape flowers. Remember though, during winter it is best to protect your flower garden from frost rather than trying to save the blossoms.

The winter months can wreak havoc on your flower garden. If it has rained or snowed in your yard for several days, then there is a good chance your flowers will be damaged. Snow and rain leaves your flowers dry out which causes wilting. This is not a good condition for your flowers. A good rule of thumb when deciding how cold is too cold for your flowers to be outside is if you have no plans of taking your flowers down for the winter season, then no matter how cold it is outside, your flowers should not be removed until the end of October.

On the flip side, if you are planning on having your flowers stay outdoors during the winter season, you should cover your flower garden with some type of blanket or rug. This will prevent your flowers from being damaged by wind and also keep the cold of winter at bay. Blankets can be purchased at any local retail store, as well as some grocery stores. Other types of accessories that you can purchase for your flower garden that will help it survive the winter are pillows, winter covers, and mulch.

If you choose to use an indoor flower garden, it is important to remember that it may not survive the winter. You will probably need to put your flower garden back indoors for at least the first two weeks of winter. During this time, there will be no circulation in the room because of the temperature that the room holds.

It will be up to you to maintain a constant room temperature inside of your house while outside temperatures remain low. The reason for this is so that your plants will not take the punishment of experiencing winter conditions without any type of protection. Of course, you will still want to be careful when putting your outdoor furnishings away, as they can quickly succumb to extreme cold if left out in the cold for too long. Remember, not only will outside furnishings begin to look faded, but they could possibly break down completely if left out without any type of protective covering.

How cold is too cold for plants to be outside? In general, during the early fall is the best time to move your flower garden outdoors. As temperatures begin to drop across the country, most flower gardens tend to stay indoors through at least part of the winter season. Of course, if you have some special flower species that are rare or delicate, you may want to move them outside even sooner.

How cold is too cold for plants to be outside? Well, if you have a flower garden that is producing flowers that are highly specific to their type of flower, you might consider moving it outdoors in the middle of fall. For instance, if you have a flower garden that grows on tall trees, it can benefit from being moved to a location that is lower to the ground, allowing it to enjoy all the sunshine that it can get. However, if you have a flower garden that does not produce blooms that are specific to its type of flower, you will probably want to wait until the blooms have fully developed before moving it outdoors.

Just remember that if you choose to move your flower garden out of doors in the middle of winter, make sure that it is protected from the cold with a blanket and some additional heating. Even if it is too cold for the outside temperature, you should place a heater on the bottom of your flower bed. This will help keep the roots warm, even when the temperature outside is close to freezing. Many flower gardens that are placed out of doors will start to bud right after the first cold snaps of the winter. As soon as spring comes, they will start to bloom.