What Annual Flowers Do Well in Full Sun?

Landscaping Flowers

Most flower gardeners know that what annual flowers do best in full sun is perennials. Perennials can survive from one year to the next or even from one season to another. If you’re trying to decide which types of annual flowers should be planted in your flower garden, it’s important to remember that they will most likely live throughout the year. However, they do require a lot more care than some perennial flowers and can sometimes require more frequent watering. Knowing that flowers do well in full sun before you plant your garden will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Most flowers love the sun, but some types of flowers are better in partial shade. Sunflowers are a perfect example of a plant that does well when planted in shaded areas. Choose these flowers for a colorful flower garden or to line a walkway or patio.

Spring flowers bloom early and are very attractive for the entire garden. The blooms open up as the first frosts hit the ground and continue to bloom throughout spring. Some flowers bloom more profusely in the early spring days than in other seasons. Sunflowers are an ideal choice for early spring blooms.

Summer flowers bloom again in the fall. They stay in bloom long after the flowers in the spring have dropped off. If you want to plant flowers that will stay in your garden for the entire summer, choose species that can tolerate partial shade during the summer months. Gardenias, begonias, and irises thrive in shaded areas. A garden dotted with hostas, daffodils, and crocuses will be a spectacular display in the late summer and early fall.

What annual flowers do well in full sun? Lantana, hydrangeas, and calla lilies are all attractive flowers that will bloom profusely year-round. Make sure you plant them in the correct location so they will receive ample sunlight. Many flowers will flower better if they are planted in the garden rather than in the flower bed.

What annual flowers do not do well in full sun? A tulip is not going to bloom its brightest colors if it is planted in full sunlight. Most perennials like the apricot, orchids, and gardenia do well in the shade. Annuals like lavender, marigold, and lilies cannot stand the heat and should be planted in shaded areas. Some flowers will bloom better if they are planted in pots rather than in the garden.

Knowing which flowers will bloom in full sun versus partial shade will help you choose an appropriate flower garden. It is always best to consult a landscaping professional before you plant anything. The types of flowers you plant will depend on the climate, the space available, and how much time you want to spend caring for the flowers. Also, if you live in an area that experiences wintertime, there are flowers that will bloom in the winter but will go dormant during the summer.

Choosing what annual flowers do well in full sun, will allow you to fill your yard with wonderful flowers throughout the year. You will also find that the effort you put into choosing flowers and the care you provide for them will pay off. The flowers will be vibrant and in bloom when you want them to be and you will not have to worry about them being dead because of the sun. When you want to enjoy gardening but are worried about how your flowers will handle the sun, consult a landscape designer who can help you decide which flowers will do well in full sun and which won’t.